What Differentiates Us from the Competition?

 Expertly Sourced

  • One global platform with world’s best international data
  • Compiled from the #1 or #2 data provider from over 100 countries across the globe
  • Data provides more predictive value
  • Stringently tested to ensure full endorsement from all major Credit Insurers
  • One of only three global companies recognized by all major insurance brands

Easy to Use

  • One simple score tells it all
  • Key data located in one decision bar on top of the first page
  • Intuitive with clear definitions on every button
  • One-page summary and analysis of your entire A/R portfolio

Efficiently Managed

  • Lowest cost infrastructure in the industry resulting in optimal pricing and premium service
  • All-Inclusive plan featuring unlimited reports through The Freedom Access Product and set pricing
  • No hidden charges or access fees





Donna Johnson

"What I love most about the platform is that it is incredibly simple to use. There's nothing complicated to navigate. From the Dashboard, you can access everything you need! It has quickly become my go-to platform."

"What's amazing about the platform is that despite its simplicity, it contains a ton of information. It offers so many different things to explore about a company's credit history. All of the data is simple to read and broken down in a very intuitive way."

"It is also a very powerful tool for doing diligence on companies based outside of the US. We have a fair number of international clients and the platform has been absolutely critical in assessing the risk associated with them."

"Another thing about them is they provide excellent customer service! I receive a response to my emails or questions within 24 hours. Most other providers take days or even weeks to get back to you. In my job, that's incredibly important."

Tina Kincl

Bobcat® of Knoxville
“We’ve been using the platform and we really love it! It is simple to use, loaded with information and easy to read."

"From the dashboard, you are able to access a whole portfolio of information. The tabs are smartly organized and make it easy to navigate."

"The platform offers a lot of different tools and techniques through which you can easily conduct diligence and assess risk of any partner or provider."

"We use the platform every day and all day to gauge the risk of deal. It has proven to be incredibly helpful. In a few cases, it helped us identify some potentially bad relationships."

David Gordon has built a long and successful career in the construction equipment industry. He has over 30 years of leadership experience in strategy, sales, marketing, and financial issues, as well as distribution development for manufacturers. As former Vice President of Sales at Associated Equipment Distributors and publisher of “Construction Equipment Distribution” magazine, he is one of Equipment Distributions’ best connected and most recognized business-growth experts.

As Managing Director of Dealer Financial Resource Services, David advises Owners & CFO’s of equipment dealerships and rental companies on strategies to improve operations, reduce costs, and can help assist those needing to plan for ownership transition.